Family photos should be easy and joyful.

Read below with some of my session prep guide tips to get ready for you family session. The biggest thing I can stress here is that I want you to have FUN. What does your child love to do? What kind of games do they love to play? Keep calm and let me take care of the chaos. The more everyone can have a great time, the better the photos, and the move love that is shown on your images. So jump right in!

What should I bring:

I’m all about being prepared so please think about thing you might need at the session. Does your child need snacks? Tissues? Wet wipes? Water bottles? Diaper bags? Extra Shirt?

For parents: A brush, hairspray, and/or gel. Do you need a little bag for make-up touch ups?


I want you to feel beautiful and be comfortable. Depending on the age of your little ones, you might be standing, sitting, holding them and quite possibly even dancing. So, please plan accordingly. Wear something that you can move comfortably in and will feel okay sitting on the ground in. If it doesn’t stay put or is too tight or short to get up and down in, please don’t wear it. My suggestions include the following.

  • Dress mom first. Put yourself in your favorite thing that makes you feel beautiful and coordinate everyone else around you. I know you love the kids clothes, but I promise you that if you feel great, everyone will too. I personally love maxi or midi dresses on women. These types of dresses move beautifully and always look great on Moms. However if you are more of a pants person, go with fitted jeans and a cute flowy top.
    • For Spring/Summer: Neutral + muted colors are going to be best. Think about a light pink, blue, green etc.
    • For Fall/Winter: Neutrals + jewel tones…. think hunter green, cranberry, navy etc.
    • Only note: I’d just shy away from all black because although you think it might make you look slimmer, it can look really harsh on skin. I typically suggest black on bottoms and not on tops if you absolutely only have this in your wardrobe.
  • COLORS to AVOID: Super bright or neon red/pink/orange create a weird reflection on skin so best to avoid those colors in shirts (for pants, skirts and accessories it is fine). I’d also shy away from black for tops as well.
  • Accessories look great in photos. Think bows, necklaces, suspenders, hats etc.
  • If it’s chilly, wear layers. Adding that extra cardigan or jean jacket will keep you warm and look cute. I just learned this the hard way the other day with our own family. Bring a CUTE jacket if it’s going to be chilly at all for your kiddos!
  • Don’t do anything too matchy-matchy.
  • Make sure everyone’s clothes fit properly and are comfortable. If your child isn’t comfy, they will totally let us know.
  • Make sure temporary tattoos, stickers, markers and such have been cleaned from skin. If they are left on, they will be in the final pictures (which is fine by me if you are cool with it). Don’t forget to clean up chipped nail polish too!
  • If your daughter is wearing a dress or skirt, please make sure she has on bloomers or shorts underneath! We don’t want to have a diaper or character underwear in your photos.
  • Don’t forget the shoes! Make sure everyone is looking great head to toe (no tennis shoes or flip flops please!)

My Favorite Places to Shop: Nordstrom, J Crew, Gap, Zara, Amazon, Boden, Janie and Jack, Anthropologie, Target

What will happen at the session?

My goal is to have fun….. and lots and lots of it. Kids are hilarious. Toddlers will do whatever they want in the moment. I do my very best to make sure your pictures don’t look “posed.” Instead I’ll help guide you with fun games. I’ll act silly. You’ll probably think I’m crazy by the end. But I want you to love on each other. I want you to do all the things you love to do together. Does your child like to be thrown in the air? Go on piggyback rides? Sit on your shoulders? Do they love to be tickled? Snuggled? Kissed? What do you love to do with them? That’s what I want to capture.

You keep playing with your kids and I’ll keep documenting the fun. Try not to think of this as a photo session, think of it as a family date and you just happen to look great and be getting your picture taken at the same time! Love on each other and you’ll love all the lifestyle and candid shots I’ll be able to share after the session.

WOW! I love them so much! 

You totally captured my vision. 

It was the perfect shoot - relaxed and easy and we love the photos. Thanks again for perfectly capturing our family, I will treasure these photos forever.

-Kathryn B.

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