What I’ve learned is that things can change in a minute. I always knew that they could, but in this past year it’s been particularly pronounced, especially because I’ve been photographing so many wonderful extended family sessions in Chicago.

Extended family sessions are always a lot of fun. There are so many people and different family combinations that it makes it wonderful to see everyone together – to understand the dynamics of the family. I get to see who has a special relationship with someone else and I really get to see the love between grandparents and grandchildren. And because my sessions are lifestyle in nature, I get to see the personalities of everyone. After such a tough year away for many families because of COVID, it’s been an especially sweet reunion. I’ve been so honored to capture these images for generations to come.

So, what makes this year so different?

I had a few sessions where after our sessions, families found out terrible news about someone in their group.  Mothers have reached out to tell me how thankful they are that they have the photographs that I took of all of them and their entire family. These were some of the last images where someone wasn’t sick and when things were joyful. 

The photographs embody the love and, for some of them, were the last memories of these people.

At the time of our session no one knew that these might be the last photographs of everyone together, but today they are the most cherished memories that they have of that person.

Maybe it is hard to get everyone together for that session. Maybe you are reluctant to take the portraits because you don’t feel confident in how you look. But, here’s what I’ve learned as a photographer. The time with your family and extended family is what life’s worth living for in this world. So, get your family together and make it happen. Anything can change in a blink of an eye.

Having an extended family photography session with your family whether here in Chicago or elsewhere is so important to make sure that family members are remembered as perfect as they are today.

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WOW! I love them so much! 

You totally captured my vision. 

It was the perfect shoot - relaxed and easy and we love the photos. Thanks again for perfectly capturing our family, I will treasure these photos forever.

-Kathryn B.

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