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10 Fun Things About Me!

Getting to know your photographer is just as important as me getting to know you. When you click with your photographer, everyone feels more comfortable and makes the session laid-back and easy. So, learn a few things about me and let me know what you have in common! 

1.  I worked at Build-A-Bear Workshop as a PR intern and then continued working for them during my senior year of college.

2.  While I was the editor of my high school yearbook and I was a graphic design major in college, photography was not something I really learned and pick up until later. I’ve always loved the arts so understanding editing and visual composition was easier for me when I first started out.

3.  Tennis has always been my sport. I’ve been playing since I was in middle school. I took off a few years after college but picked it back up because I met a friend at the Lakeview Pantry who invited me to be part of a fun seniors league….. yes I was 25 years old playing with 60+ men and women but it brought me back to the sport I loved.

4.  I have worked for two of the biggest coffee brands in the world and I must admit that I actually don’t like coffee at all.

5.  Traveling has been such a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up my family would go to a different country every summer for a month. And while this may sound glamorous, most of the time we were staying in tiny little apartments and eating locally. My parents believed we should get to know other cultures, and this is what we did to expand out minds.

6.  Carrot Cake from Publix is my all-time favorite dessert. It’s what I grew up on and I can’t go back.

7.  I’ll always be rooting for the Florida Gators. While I’ve been living in Chicago nearly as long as I did in Florida, I grew up where the tea was sweet, and the sports were a cult. Missing a football game was unfathomable.

8.  I am not funny. No seriously, I’m actually not funny. My entire family (including my kids) applaud me when I attempt a joke and it semi-works. It’s the only way I can impress my husband anymore.

9.  I’m a do-er by nature. I love action. If you want to get something done, then let me handle it. Sometimes this can get me in trouble, but most of the time it comes in real handy.

10.  The best class I ever took was going to cooking school for a one-week intensive course through The Chopping Block, Chicago. While I already loved to cook and was pretty decent at it, the skills I learned from professional chefs have helped me to be a better cook today.



WOW! I love them so much! 

You totally captured my vision. 

It was the perfect shoot - relaxed and easy and we love the photos. Thanks again for perfectly capturing our family, I will treasure these photos forever.

-Kathryn B.

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