Baby-Led? What’s that?

What does baby-led even mean? What in the world am I even talking about? Baby-led is my approach to my newborn photography sessions. I literally let the baby lead us on the day of the shoot. Depending on the mood of your littlest one, I’m going to let them run the show. Usually, that means your baby is in your arms practically the entire time I’m taking your photos. I want to see you cuddling with your newborn, smelling that fresh baby smell, or simply comforting your baby.  I won’t be putting your baby in a “froggy pose” or anything like that nor will I be creating an elaborate setup for your child to be placed in during our time together. My goal is to make sure I get photos of all of you together LOVING on one another. And for me, the best way to do that is to have your littlest one run the show.


For me, that means that if your son or daughter wants to be awake, then we let them be awake. If they decide they’d rather be asleep, then by all means, we’ll let them be asleep. If you need to stop and feed your little one or he or she becomes fussy, that’s the reality of having a new baby. I’m just here to document all of it.  I like to follow the lead of the baby and see what he or she is willing to do. I do my absolute best to make this as stress-free as possible for you. I want a fun but calming experience especially if you are a first-time parent. I want to be playful and fun if you have a toddler in tow. This experience should be all about you feeling like it was EASY. You should be drinking that second cup of coffee and playing your favorite jams in the background. This is exactly why I love in-home newborn sessions. I come to you so you don’t have to worry about things like blowout diapers and not having enough clothes.


For this shoot, we took new baby H’s lead and let her be the new princess. She spent time both asleep and awake during the shoot. While asleep I was able to get some solo shots of her and she stayed calm and sleepy. At one point she had a very poopy diaper. With the extra time that is built in for newborn shoots, I make sure that we have time for all of this and even a feeding session if needed. By doing whatever she wanted, I was able to capture a variety of photos in all the combinations.

So, when I arrive, no need for an agenda. Just go with the flow and I’ll take the lead to make it happen. Trust me, tired parents, you’ll just want to sit back and drink that next cup of coffee.




WOW! I love them so much! 

You totally captured my vision. 

It was the perfect shoot - relaxed and easy and we love the photos. Thanks again for perfectly capturing our family, I will treasure these photos forever.

-Kathryn B.

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